Find a Used Ford For Sale in Yakima

Find a Used Ford For Sale in Yakima

The Best Guide to Purchasing a Used Ford Vehicle for Sale in Yakima, WA

With more than a century's work in the Automotive manufacturing industry, Ford is still ranked one of the highest quality vehicles in the United States for their Cars, Trucks, and SUVs. With that we are proud to showcase our amazing selection of Used Ford Vehicles for Sale at Go Autos USA. Our great selection of quality used Fords will capture your attention with great quality, condition and price!


Why Buy a Used Ford?

With the great selection offered by Ford, it only makes sense there is a Model that will suit your needs! Ford offers a wide selection of different Models with different addons and features, that no matter your price range, they will have a car that will be a great pick for you. This is all expanded with the consideration for their used market. Not only will you get great savings by buying a new ford, but you can potentially save even more money when purchasing a Used Ford for Sale. What most people overlook when purchasing a new vehicle is the depreciation value of the vehicle after the first year of driving. The higher value of the car will increase the price of your insurance versus buying a used Ford sedan, truck or SUV. At Go Autos USA, our selection of Ford vehicles are priced competitively against any other dealership in the area. We are committed to bringing you not only the best selection of vehicles, but also the vehicles that are priced the best as well!


Ford Technologies and Features

With age comes experience and innovation and Ford is no stranger to innovation. Some of the highlighted features to consider is the easy to use infotainment system and safety features. Although their wide range of models and addons may differ, you can come to expect that you are getting what you are looking for when purchasing a Ford at Go Autos USA. Some of many great features you can expect to see in Used Ford models include:

- Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assistance can help keep you out of harm’s way.
- To keep you connected, you can count on WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and wireless charging.
- Massive displays make it easy to manage key vehicle function and include digital instrument panels and touchscreens up to 12 inches in size.
- Ford shows its family-friendly side with advanced rear-seat entertainment systems.
- Electrified powertrain technology for hybrids and EVs are great for going green.
- Cutting-edge technology can even help with towing thanks to camera-based trailering features that make it easy to hitch-up and start hauling.


Purchasing a Used Ford

We keep bringing up our amazing selection of Ford vehicles because we want to emphasize the quality of the vehicles we have to offer. We believe that we should carry vehicles that fit the needs of any driver, whether you are a Car Enthusiast, Family, Off Road fan, or even just looking for a daily driver or work truck. Some of the many models we have to offer include:

- With the Ford F-150 and Ford Ranger, we can offer full-size and midsize trucks that are among the leaders in their segments. In fact, the F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle of any kind in this country for more than 40 years. Shopping used Rangers gives you two ways to go, with either the pre-2011 classic or the re-invented modern-day marvel that debuted in 2019.
- The iconic Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have also returned and can be expected to bring full-fledged off-road expertise to the pre-owned marketplace.
- With legendary style and performance, the Ford Mustang boasts coupe and convertible body styles, both delivering unrivaled thrills.
- Family sedans such as the Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus can provide top-notch technology and performance cues of their own.

- One of the industry’s first hybrid SUVs, the Ford Escape continues to showcase both high-efficiency models and dynamic gas-only editions.

- The Ford Explorer is one of the few mainstream crossover-style SUVs with robust rear-wheel drive, and it’s also available as a gas-saving hybrid.

- Smart small-car options include the Ford Fiesta and Focus, each of which is available in a hot- hatch configuration for lower-cost high performance.

- Hard-working vans such as the Ford Transit and Transit Connect can boost your productivity, lower your ownership costs, and serve as versatile minivan alternatives.


A Brief History of Ford

Before revolutionizing the global auto industry, Henry Ford got his start putting together early cars like the 1896 Quadricycle. His Ford Motor Company launched its first vehicle, the Model A, in 1903, but it was the 1908 Model T that made the biggest impact. Built using mass-production techniques that drastically lowered its price, the Model T went on to sell some 15 million units before production ended in 1927. As the years went on, more Blue Oval products became major success stories, from the Ford Thunderbird and Crown Vic to the original Bronco and Explorer. Today, many of the latest potential classics can be found right here at Prestige Motors.

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