Find a Used Infiniti for Sale in Pasco, WA

Find a Used Infiniti for Sale in Pasco, WA

The Best Buyers Guide to Getting a Great Deal on An Infiniti in Pasco, Wa

Originally tasked with leading a revolution in the U.S. luxury market, INFINITI has built a strong reputation for providing high-end cars and SUVs with superior performance, stunning designs, and sophisticated technology. The result is a select range of upscale rides that can reward you every time you take the wheel. That said, these exclusive vehicles can be easier to find at Prestige Motors. Visit us online or in person in Pasco to see our latest inventory options.

Why Buy a Used Infiniti?

Luxury brands like INFINITI aren’t immune to depreciation. In fact, any new vehicle stands to lose about 20% to 30% of its value during the first year after it leaves the dealership. So savvy shoppers will often turn to the used-car marketplace to save that kind of cash right off the top. And keep in mind that in many cases, we’re talking about pre-owned vehicles with exactly the same sort of advantages as their brand- new editions — giving you added value to go with your pure money savings. There’s also a bit of a ripple effect, too, since a car or SUV with a lower value is usually subject to lower insurance costs. Now, the obvious difference is that you have to carefully vet used vehicles to weed out models that aren’t going to meet your standards. This is where a used-vehicle history report comes into play. Easy to get, these reports can boost your confidence in a pre-owned model by showing key details about a vehicle’s past life. Peace of mind like this can be priceless.

Infiniti Technology Highlights

You expect higher levels of sophisticated technology in luxury cars and SUVs, and INFINITI delivers. Even better, many of the same advanced tech benefits available on brand-new INFINITI models can also be found in the brand’s pre-owned models. These are true difference-makers that will elevate your driving experience to new heights. (Note: Exact equipment varies by model.)

- INFINITI’s InTouch infotainment systems feature not one but two touchscreens, allowing for easier, more intuitive functionality.
- At the forefront of passenger safety, INFINITI can supply automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, and even a backup-intervention system so you’re protected coming and going.

-  ProPILOT Assist adds hands-on semi-autonomous driving capability on certain highways for incredible convenience.
-  Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, and wireless charging make connectivity a breeze.
- With the fob in your pocket or purse, Intelligent Key technology automatically unlocks the doors when you approach.
- Motion-activated liftgates make it easy to load up with your hands full.
-  Futuristic head-up displays project key vehicle info on the inside of the front windshield, where it’s right in your line of sight.


Purchasing a Used Infiniti

INFINITI’s recent naming strategy makes it easy for you to tell which vehicles are high-quality SUVs and
which are impressively engineered cars: QX models are the former, while the Q name alone covers the
latter. Of course, the team at Prestige Motors is always ready to answer your questions about these or
older INFINITI’s we have in stock:

- With the Q40, Q50, and Q70, INFINITI offers a lineup of luxurious front- and rear-wheel-drive sport sedans in increasingly large sizes. Leading the way is the INFINITI Q70L that rides on an extended wheelbase for limo-like rear-seat accommodations.
- The INFINITI Q60 coupe and convertible are equal parts dynamic and expressive, with bold performance and designs that are sure to get you noticed.
- For true body-on-frame capability, the INFINITI QX80 and QX56 the full-size flagships of the brand’s SUV lineup.
- Striking crossover-style designs are a highlight for the QX30, QX50, QX60, and QX70.
- RED SPORT 400 editions, for models such as the Q50 and Q60, boast twin-turbocharged V6s with 400 hp for amazing performance.
- The sleek INFINITI EX and FX SUVs, along with the M and G sport sedans, are among the most popular classic pre-owned INFINITI models.


A Brief History of Infinity.

The INFINITI brand was formed by Nissan in 1987 specifically for discerning U.S. drivers who were
looking for emotionally charged luxury vehicles with an immediately recognizable appearance. The first
51 dealerships opened for business two years later, and the brand quickly gained an impressive
reputation for premium ownership experiences. INFINITI broke through again with its first SUV in 1997,
and the company now sells its cars and SUVs in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and

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