Top 3 Used Cars To Buy Holiday Season in Yakima, WA

Top 3 Used Cars To Buy Holiday Season in Yakima, WA

Looking for quality used cars to buy your loved ones this holiday season? Maybe you are just looking for some great deals on a New Car for yourself. Then look no Further than Prestige Motors in Yakima, WA. With our amazing selection of quality used cars for sale this holiday season, you are sure to find the vehicle you are looking for at a price that can't be beat!

Here are some of our Highlight vehicles to take a look at this Holiday season in Yakima, WA.

Kia Optima

If you are looking for a midsize sedan, then a KIA may be the best choice for you! With its sporty exterior and comfortable and high-quality interior design. Here are just a few reasons why this vehicle can be a great pick for you.

Unbeatable Performance

Kia has been really stepping up their game when it comes to handling their new vehicles. If you are looking for quality driving experience with great driving and handling, comparable to its European counterpart, then a Kia Optima would be a great choice for you.

Spacious Interior

Looking for a vehicle with plenty of legroom? Well, The KIA Optima is a great solution for you because of its spacious interior. This feature makes the KIA an excellent choice for all those who go on long trips and crave comfort along with excitement.

Wide Selection Trims and Body Styles

If you are looking to spice up your vehicle, without sacrificing aesthetic, then you may consider getting a different trim of the Kia Optima. These include LX, EX, SX, and SXL. The LX trim comes with standard features such as cruise control and a rearview camera, whereas EX comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and leather upholstery.

Features and Infotainment System

KIA is not taking the back seat when it comes to features and technologies in their vehicles.The entire vehicle is loaded with tech features such as its 8-inch touchscreen that comes with a sharp picture and large buttons. It also has many upgraded safety features which can guarantee a safe ride despite harsh terrains, making it a reliable companion on difficult routes.

Kia Sedona EX

The KIA Sedona EX is packed with several impressive features that can make it stand out amongst a heavy crowd. Here are just a few!

Plenty of Cargo Space

If you are looking for a great family car or even a car for trips, then a Kia Sedona may be a good choice for you. This Passenger Van for any growing family or if you are just looking for a vehicle to store some items for a trip.


Similar to the Kia Optima, the Kia Sedona has been stepping up their game when it comes to its quality of life improvements in terms of technology and features. The Kia Sedona comes with multiple high-tech features Blindspot View Mirrors which makes handling this minivan a breeze compared to some of its competitors.

Updated Exterior

Not only is the KIA equipped with an exceptional interior, but the exterior is also equally appealing. It comes along with features such as upgraded LED headlights, large wheels, as well a curved beltline, and an impressive grille, and all of these add up to create the final fierce yet luxurious look.

Large Towing Capacity

Most minivans don't really have to offer good towing capacity but this one is an exception. Its towing capabilities are one of its very obvious competitive advantages. So if you are looking for a quality vehicle that also comes with excellent towing capabilities, this one might be your true calling!

Dodge Challenger

If you are steering away from your standard sedans or vans but still want an attractive and powerful vehicle to drive, then Consider the Dodge Challenger as your next vehicle purchase. With its classic design that appeals to both the older and new generations, you can never go wrong with this car! Here are some highlights if you consider purchasing a Dodge Challenger.

Powerful V-6 Engine

Looking for a car with a strong engine? Make sure to consider the Challenger as its V-6 engine is quite popular due to its ability to pump a satisfying 305 horsepower. The car's acceleration system is quite responsive as well and is functional at all speeds.

Classic Styling

Anybody who is a fan of classic styling will probably love the astonishing looks this one serves, with its LED-wrapped headlights, stylish wheels, and fun paint colors that include: Go Mango, Jazz Blue, Plum Crazy, and Redline.

Comfortable Interior

While it can be difficult for some people to fit inside a sports car, this is not a problem with the Challenger. Both tall and short drivers can find themselves fitting inside the vehicle comfortably.

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